Product Description of Blue Pigments

Product Description of Blue Pigments

Evonik Degussa GmbH markets one iron blue pigment under the name VOSSEN-BLAU®:


Iron blue pigments are based on the following general chemical formula: Me(I)Fe(II)Fe(III)(CN)6H2O. Me(I) stands for potassium, ammonia or sodium or a mixture. The ionic composition plays a decisive role in the coloristic properties of the finished iron blue pigment.

Their high coloration strength predestines inorganic iron blue pigments for a variety of applications that require a neutral blue. The only limiting factors are the high processing temperatures (>120 °C) and watery media that aren’t neutral (> pH 9). In addition to typical applications in the printing colors, paints and coatings industries, iron blue pigments are also used heavily to color paper, cardboard and powders.

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