Pigment powders

Pigment powders often require extensive dispersion to ensure optimum and consistent development of coloristic properties. INXEL™ pigment preparations are easy to disperse preparations that facilitate the dispersion of pigments into paints and coatings, as well as into printing inks. In addition to the pigment, the granule-shaped preparations contain a binder that ensures good compatibility with most solvent-based coatings. Besides preparations based on Evonik Carbon Black Pigments, the INXEL™ product palette includes many other colors.

The advantages of the new INXEL™ preparations:

• Solvent-free (VOC free)
• Ease of dispersion – eliminates need for pigment grinding
• Significant reduction in dispersion time allowing high production flexibility
• Excellent pigment stabilization providing very good color development
• Dust-free handling
• Granules can be dosed easily and precisely
• Very good solubility in common solvents
• Compatible with most binders for solvent-based coating systems

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