New Benchmark for Ink Jet Inks

As a result of our extensive R&D efforts in ink jet applications, we’re pleased to introduce our latest pigment black preparation IDIS 25 K. The fast growing and highly demanding field of ink jet applications requires advanced pigment-modification technologies – a challenge for the industry. That’s why we began looking at pigment surfaces in totally new ways and took advantage of the synergies within Degussa. Today, we are able to provide a broad variety of customized surfaces. Our technologies range from physical modification by means of tailor-made dispersants to chemical modification through specific chemical reactions.

IDIS 25 K is different from common pigment stabilization technologies for producing pigmented ink jet inks. With todays standard technologies difficulties with formulating the right inks are commonly experienced: the nozzles of printheads often clog, each paper type has its own limitations, and non-coated papers do not have the optical densities needed. But that’s all history now with IDIS 25 K, the new benchmark for ink jet inks.

Degussa’s Business Unit Advanced Fillers & Pigments is one of the largest carbon black producers in the world. As a specialist in surface chemistry and surface physics, the business unit focuses on the production and application of carbon blacks, performance silicas, matting agents, sulfur functional organosilanes and iron blue pigments. The business unit serves a broad clientele, including manufacturers of tires and mechanical rubber goods as well as customers from the printing ink, coatings, and plastics industries.

If you’d like to find out more about us or see some samples, or if you have any questions, please contact us by phone (+49-69-218-39 62) or e-mail ( You’ll also find more information on our products on the Web at

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