Increases Prices for Performance Silicas

Degussa will increase all prices of Performance Silicas by 7,5 percent worldwide in June 2003. Intensive cost management enabled Degussa to keep Performance Silica prices without any increase since 2000. Raw materials, and energy, however, have sustained such price increases over the years that Degussa is not in a position to internally bear those cost any longer and has to pass them on to the market.

Degussa is the world’s leading supplier of Performance Silicas. They are used as active filler or carrier in a variety of different applications, e.g. tires, technical rubber goods, plastics, paper, life science and coatings.

The Business Unit Advanced Fillers & Pigments of Degussa AG operates 29 plants in 18 countries. The company is the only one manufacturing and supplying carbon blacks (rubber and pigment blacks), performance silicas, and rubber silanes from one single source. As a specialist in surface chemistry and physics, the business unit focuses on the production and application of carbon blacks, performance silicas, matting agents, functional organosilanes, and blue pigments.

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