How to straighten hair

If you want to know how to straighten hair, you have come to the right place. This page will tell you everything you need to know about how to straighten your hair, such as the methods of hair straightening, types of hair, the costs of straightening your hair, and the dangers of using certain straightening methods. You will be able to learn as much as possible about hair straightening so you can make an informed, wise decision about your hair. Good luck!


Remember that the method of straightening your hair will depend entirely on the kind of hair you have, how much you want to spend, and what method of straightening you want to use. The natural methods will obviously be much less damaging to your hair, while the chemical treatments have a much higher risk of doing harm. For this reason, it is important to understand as much as possible, use private label titanium flat irons to make best hair style.

Types of Hair

There are four basic types of hair:

Type 1: Wavy Hair – This kind of hair is not quite straight, but it hasn’t quite made it into the curly category either. The hair is shaped kind of like a poorly written letter “S”, and it usually hangs fairly close to your head. It is uncommon for your hair to have the bounce that curly hair has, but it’s not quite straight and thus harder to manage.

Type 2: Curly Hair
 – Curly hair has a very clear “S” shape, and it tends to be fairly springy and bouncy. It usually is thicker than wavy or straight hair, and the fact that there is a lot of hair makes it difficult to care for. It is usually very fine hair, but it has a good deal of body to it.

Type 3: Curly Kinky
 – This is another type of hair that is even harder to care for, and that is due to the fact that it tends to resemble a corkscrew. The hair usually falls in curls half an inch in diameter or so, and the curls tend to be either very tightly curled or very kinky. The strands are packed so tightly against each other that it is nearly impossible to straighten it using a blow dryer.

Type 4: Kinky Hair
 – This is the kind of hair you would see on a Raggedy Ann doll, and the kinks are so tightly curled that they almost stick straight out of the head. The hair is usually coiled very tightly, but it actually makes the hair more delicate. The kinks curl very tightly that they can shrink as much as ¾ of the total length of the hair.

Methods of Hair Straightening and Their Costs

So, now you know about the kinds of hair. But how can you straighten them?

Here are the three main methods of hair straightening, as well as their cost: of course if you order wholesale flat irons to straighten you hair will be low cost, you can use your wholesale hair straightener as curling irons as well, or you order bling flat iron wholesale product or titanium hair straightener from wholesale flat iron vendors, find the best airflow hair straightener.

Natural Hair Straighteners – The natural methods of straightening hair don’t call for any heat or chemicals, but they involve using rags or rollers. Both rags and rollers are more effective for curling straight hair, but you can use them to straighten curly hair. With rags, you will just brush your wet curly hair out as straight as possible, and you will wrap a rag around the bundle of straightened hair to keep it as straight as possible. Roller brushes are rolled one way to curl hair, so rolling them the other way will help to uncurl or straighten the hair. Rags are usually free, and the cost of a roller brush is roughly $5 to $20.

Hair Irons – Buying a hair iron will cost you anywhere between $20 and $100, and these irons use heat to eliminate curls. The hair is pressed flat through the plates of the iron, and the heat and pressure makes the hair straight. The downside to this method is that it is possible to burn your hair completely, and using the iron too much can damage your hair beyond repair, so buy ceramic hair straightener will care your hair healthy.

Chemical Hair Straighteners – For those who want to straighten their hair on a longer-term basis, there are many chemicals that can be used. The Japanese chemical straightening will usually cost between $600 and $1000, and the results can last for weeks or even months. Brazilian treatments are cheaper at $200 to $600, and they use a special chemical applied to the hair and burned in with a hair iron. Chinese treatments are almost exactly the same as the Japanese treatments, and they can cost anywhere between $300 and $1400.

How Long Does it Take to Straighten My Hair?

Each method of straightening your hair will take a different amount of time:

Natural Hair Straighteners – The amount of time it will take for the natural methods to straighten your hair will vary according to the type of hair you have. The rag will need to stay wrapped around your hair for at least an hour or two for it to be effective, and you may have to spend at least 30 minutes using a roller to straighten your hair. The effects don’t usually last beyond a day.

Hair Irons – The hair iron is usually faster than natural methods, and it can take less than 30 minutes to get the hair completely straight. The straightening is only going to last 2 or 3 days, though it can last as long as a week with special care taken.

Chemical Hair Straighteners – The chemical straightening process usually lasts between 3 and 4 hours for the Brazilian treatment and 4 to 6 hours for the Chinese and Japanese treatments. You also cannot allow moisture to touch your hair for 72 hours afterwards, and more maintenance is required afterwards. However, the effects can last for months at a time.

How to straighten hair depends a great deal on the type of hair you have, the amount of time you want to spend on your hair, the price you are willing to pay for straight hair and the method that will provide the best results based on your personal preferences.

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