Iron blue pigments should be stored under normal ambient conditions, while keeping in mind the following:

  1. Iron blue pigments should be kept in a cool and dry location. Storage temperatures should not be allowed to swing between extremes. Pigments should never be stored in the vicinity of direct heat sources.
  2. Do not let iron blue pigments get into the eyes or mouth. Cleanse skin with soap and water in case of soiling.
  3. Be sure to have good ventilation at the location where pigments are mixed or stored. Food and beverages should not be stored, prepared or consumed in locations where pigments are used or stored.
  4. Spilt iron blue pigments can be collected mechanically and disposed of appropriately as non-toxic substances.
  5. Although hydrochloric acid will not decompose the iron blue complex, contact with strong alkalis or strong, oxidizing acids will result in decomposition and the creation of hydrogen cyanide and ammonia. Contact with these chemicals should therefore be avoided.

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