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Degussa Optimises its European-Wide Marketing Activities for Two Business Units

The business units Aerosil & Silanes and Advanced Fillers & Pigments of Degussa AG, Düsseldorf, have reorganised their European marketing departments. These units have set themselves the ambitious goal of offering their customers the best and most efficient service in Europe. Their two newly created sales centres, which are headquartered in Frankfurt on the Main, offer customers highly knowledgeable service and support the activities of the local field service. Direct contact with the customers, which extends across all national boundaries, occurs on an individual basis according to each company’s size and needs. The new sales centres are available to customers on workdays, twelve hours per day, including German holidays. In addition, new central distribution warehouses, which are under the direct management of the European sales centres in Frankfurt, have been established in Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, and Spain, replacing the previous local warehouses.

The sales centres in Frankfurt will support consulting work, answer a variety of questions, and handle all aspects of purchase order processing. Their main focus will be on customer satisfaction in every respect. Knowledgeable experts and a team of multinational employees, who have command of all the relevant languages, will communicate directly and professionally with our customers. A centralised and highly advanced computing infrastructure linking all sales, production, and storage units has permanently increased security of supply and also made it possible to provide rapid and efficient distribution processes that focus on the customer. This infrastructure makes it possible to ensure a reliable supply to customers.

The ambitious service goals that the new sales centres are now implementing in co-operation with the local sales forces are the result of comprehensive analyses. With customer requirements considered at every step, the entire process chain – from preliminary contacts to delivery – was examined with a critical eye, especially the organisational interfaces, warehouse locations, and delivery service.

Small particle – big impact. Aerosil & Silanes

The Aerosil Business Line of the Aerosil & Silanes Business Unit is one of Degussa AG’s core businesses. AEROSIL® is the brand name for a variety of pyrogenic silicas and special oxides that are sold in 95 countries and that are manufactured and further developed in five locations in Germany, Belgium, Japan, and the USA. The ultra-fine particle white powder selectively affects the flow behaviour of pharmaceutical products, coatings, paints, and liquid plastics. The powders are also frequently used to reinforce silicone compounds, and the microchip industry uses them for ultra-fine polishing agents. The business unit also manufactures Sivento®Silanes, which are indispensable in the production of composite materials, sealing and adhesive compounds, coatings and paints, and insulating materials. Silanes are also used in foundry applications.

The carbon black people. Advanced Fillers & Pigments

The Advanced Fillers & Pigments Business Unit is one of Degussa AG’s most important strategic business segments and is manufacturing in 17 countries and 26 locations world wide. The company is the only producer that sells carbon blacks, performance silicas, and rubber silanes from a single source. Specialising in surface chemistry and surface physics, it concentrates on the manufacture and application of carbon black, performance silicas, matting agents, functional organosilanes, and blue pigments. Its customers cover a broad spectrum. In addition to pharmaceutical companies and tire manufacturers, the printing, coatings, and paper industries are also represented in its customer base. Brands like ACEMATT®, ULTRASIL®, PRINTEX®, SIPERNAT®, CORAX® and Si 69® belong to the business unit’s product range.

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Takes over Sales of Thermal Carbon Black

On January 1, 2003, Degussa AG in Düsseldorf will take over the sales of Thermal Carbon Black N 990 from Degussa Engineered Carbons, L.P. (DEC). This joint venture of the American subsidiary and Engineered Carbons Incorporated was established in April of this year. Thermal Carbon Blacks are used in a wide variety of industries (e.g., fireproof cements, metal industry, plastics industry) and in the rubber industry.

Unlike furnace carbon blacks, Thermal Carbon Black N 990 is produced by thermal decomposition of natural gas in the absence of oxygen. Therefore this carbon black features large primary particles, a low structure and high purity. Thanks to this combination of properties, thermal carbon black is particularly suited for rubber applications that require high elasticity, smooth extrudate surfaces, low electrical conductivity and low gas permeability.

As early as the 1990s, Degussa had the exclusive sales rights to this carbon black, which was sold under the trade name Huber MT N 990 and later ECI MT N 990.

For further information on thermal carbon black, contact the sales department of Degussa AG, Frankfurt, or Degussa’s European distributors.

Vessel Minimum Safety Requirements

Following the company guidelines of Responsible Care, the Business unit Advanced Fillers and Pigments of Degussa AG has enforced some time ago very strict rules regarding the selection of vessels to transport Carbon Black Oil to it ‘s various plants around the globe.

A defined set of minimum safety requirements ensure, that environmental and safety risks can be reduced to a minimum. This is an important fact which needs to be taken into account when talking about competitiveness and prices. Especially at times, when the environment and communities are repeatedly suffering from catastrophic oil pollutions on and off shore caused by unsecure vessels used by doubtful charterers.

In the latest surveillance audit of ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 the DQS testified an excellent management of Degussa’s procurement and logistics department (FP-CL-RL) emphasizing the vessel selection procedure as one example for the high and convincing standard.

Price increase Rubber Blacks

The Advanced Fillers & Pigments Business Unit of Degussa AG in Düsseldorf has announced a price increase for Tire and MRG Blacks of EUR 30,–/mt, effective May 15, 2003 in Europe.

Further marginal improvements are expected in the forthcoming months in accordance with the development of oil prices.

The Business Unit Advanced Fillers & Pigments of Degussa AG operates 29 plants in 18 countries. The company is the only one manufacturing and supplying carbon blacks (rubber and pigment blacks), performance silicas, and rubber silanes from one single source. As a specialist in surface chemistry and physics, the business unit focuses on the production and application of carbon blacks, performance silicas, matting agents, functional organosilanes, and blue pigments.

Increases Prices for Performance Silicas

Degussa will increase all prices of Performance Silicas by 7,5 percent worldwide in June 2003. Intensive cost management enabled Degussa to keep Performance Silica prices without any increase since 2000. Raw materials, and energy, however, have sustained such price increases over the years that Degussa is not in a position to internally bear those cost any longer and has to pass them on to the market.

Degussa is the world’s leading supplier of Performance Silicas. They are used as active filler or carrier in a variety of different applications, e.g. tires, technical rubber goods, plastics, paper, life science and coatings.

The Business Unit Advanced Fillers & Pigments of Degussa AG operates 29 plants in 18 countries. The company is the only one manufacturing and supplying carbon blacks (rubber and pigment blacks), performance silicas, and rubber silanes from one single source. As a specialist in surface chemistry and physics, the business unit focuses on the production and application of carbon blacks, performance silicas, matting agents, functional organosilanes, and blue pigments.

Precipitated Silica/Silica Gel/Matting Agents Joint Venture in Japan

Prof. Dr. Utz-Hellmuth Felcht, CEO of Degussa AG, Duesseldorf/Germany and Mr. Motozo Shiono, President of Shionogi & Co., Ltd., Osaka/Japan jointly announce in Tokyo that Degussa and Shionogi will establish a joint venture in Japan for precipitated silica, silica gel and matting agents.

The joint venture will commence operation on October 1, 2003 and expects in the first year sales of approx. Yen 3 billion (US $ 25.5 million). Degussa will hold through its subsidiary Degussa Japan Co., Ltd., Tokyo, 51% of the new venture’s shares whereas Shionogi will have 49%.

„By this step we accomplish two objectives: we sharpen our focus on our pharmaceutical business and by joining forces with Degussa we help building a better future for our silica, silica gel and matting agents activities“ said Mr. Shiono. Being a part of its Industrial Chemicals Division Shionogi will transfer production, sales and R&D activities to the new joint venture.

Prof. Felcht pointed out: “By the formation of this new joint venture Degussa realizes the next step in its silica strategy in Asia. From now on we will use the new venture to systematically grow and expand Degussa’s silica business in Japan and Asia/Pacific.” The new venture will benefit from Degussa’s broad know how in precipitated silicas and matting agents, innovative product development and global distribution net work backed up by several applied technology centers.

Enhancement of the Market Position

On January 1, 2004, Degussa AG, Düsseldorf, will acquire a majority share (51 percent) in the Turkish silica joint venture Egesil in Adapazari near Izmit. Egesil produces high-quality tire silica and was established by the proprietors of Ege Kimya AS, a 45-year-old family-owned chemical company. Following the increase in Degussa’s share, Ege Kimya AS will own a 49 percent share in the joint venture. As early as the establishment of Egesil about two years ago, Degussa announced its intention of increasing its then 25 percent share. Since that time, the planned increase in capacity from 8,000 to the current 15,000 metric tons of silica per year has also been implemented. The expansion also provided the opportunity for a simultaneous launch of a new production technology.

The primary customers for Egesil products are the tire industry and producers of mechanical rubber goods and dispersion paints. Degussa Management Board member Dr. Carl Voigt explains the importance of the move for the Group: “The increased participation will achieve a second important step in the enhancement of our market position in precipitated silicas in southeastern Europe and the near East.”

Precipitated silicas and silicates are used as carriers and anti-blocking agents in the animal feed and food industries. They are also used as pigment in the paints and colorants industry, as well as abrasives in the production of toothpaste. Together with rubber silanes and rubber blacks, silicas are an important component of “green tires,” which reduce roll resistance. Degussa is the only company worldwide to offer all three of these reinforcing agents and is also the world’s leading manufacturer of these products for the rubber industry. According to experts, there will be a significant rise in the demand for tire silicas over the next few years. With a total of 31 production sites in 18 countries, and their application technology support sites in Europe, America and Asia, Degussa is the worldwide market leader in precipitated silicas and rubber silanes, and the second-largest producer of rubber and pigment blacks.

New Benchmark for Ink Jet Inks

As a result of our extensive R&D efforts in ink jet applications, we’re pleased to introduce our latest pigment black preparation IDIS 25 K. The fast growing and highly demanding field of ink jet applications requires advanced pigment-modification technologies – a challenge for the industry. That’s why we began looking at pigment surfaces in totally new ways and took advantage of the synergies within Degussa. Today, we are able to provide a broad variety of customized surfaces. Our technologies range from physical modification by means of tailor-made dispersants to chemical modification through specific chemical reactions.

IDIS 25 K is different from common pigment stabilization technologies for producing pigmented ink jet inks. With todays standard technologies difficulties with formulating the right inks are commonly experienced: the nozzles of printheads often clog, each paper type has its own limitations, and non-coated papers do not have the optical densities needed. But that’s all history now with IDIS 25 K, the new benchmark for ink jet inks.

Degussa’s Business Unit Advanced Fillers & Pigments is one of the largest carbon black producers in the world. As a specialist in surface chemistry and surface physics, the business unit focuses on the production and application of carbon blacks, performance silicas, matting agents, sulfur functional organosilanes and iron blue pigments. The business unit serves a broad clientele, including manufacturers of tires and mechanical rubber goods as well as customers from the printing ink, coatings, and plastics industries.

If you’d like to find out more about us or see some samples, or if you have any questions, please contact us by phone (+49-69-218-39 62) or e-mail ( You’ll also find more information on our products on the Web at

to Invest in Performance Silica

Degussa’s Advanced Fillers & Pigments Business Unit announces an investment in their Chester, PA based Precipitated Performance Silica production site. “We urgently need the additional volume in order to meet the growing demand in the US for our Performance Silica mainly for the Tire and Life Science industry”, says Thomas Trempler, VP and General Manager for the Business Unit in NAFTA. It is planned to add to the existing capacity some additional million pounds through de-bottlenecking and yield improvement of already existing key equipment and technology, as a first step to be finalized by the end of 2004.

“Performance Silica is core business at Degussa and we are committed to provide the right grades, sufficient volumes and consistence service to our customers” adds Mr. Trempler.

The Business Unit Advanced Fillers & Pigments of Degussa AG operates 29 plants in 18 countries. The company is the only one manufacturing and supplying Carbon Black (Rubber and Pigment Black), Performance Silica, and Rubber Silane from one single source. As a specialist in surface chemistry and physics, the business unit focuses on the production and application of Carbon Black, Performance Silica, Matting Agents, Rubber Silane, and Iron Blue Pigments.

Degussa is a multinational corporation consistently aligned to highly profitable specialty chemistry. In fiscal 2003, its 47,000 employees generated sales of € 11.4 billion and operating profits (EBIT) of € 878 million, making it Germany’s third-largest chemical company and the global market leader in specialty chemicals. Innovative products and system solutions enable Degussa to play a valuable and indispensable role in the success of its customers, as summed up by our claim “creating essentials”.

increase prices for Performance Silica

The Advanced Fillers & Pigments business unit will increase its prices for Performance Silica by 75 EUR/ton on October 1st, 2004. Costs for raw material, energy, human resources and freight have increased to such an extent that Degussa is no longer in a position to absorb those, despite of an intensive cost management and a higher efficiency in its production processes.

The Advanced Fillers & Pigments business unit operates 30 plants in 18 countries and is the only one manufacturing and supplying carbon black (rubber and pigment black), performance silica, and rubber silanes from one single source. As a specialist in surface chemistry and physics, it focuses on the production and application of carbon black, performance silica, matting agents, functional organosilanes, and blue pigments.