1 inch hair straightener styling tools

The OLAYER 1″ hair straightener can straighten and curl hair is the best hair styling tools on the market today. It has adjustable temperature operation from 240 F to 410 F and suits all hair types. The ceramic iron plates are meant to give a straight hair in little time.

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The plate width is 1 inch. This width is meant to suit most hair widths and types. It is also narrow enough for bangs.

OLAYER 1″ Flat Iron Hair Straightener Specifications

  • Customizable heat settings
  • Fast heating
  • 1 inch ceramic plate width suits most hair lengths and types
  • Provides a wide range of temperature. From 240 to 410 degree F
  • Can be used for flips and curls
  • The distribution of heat is even over the plate, which ensures that there is no need to run the iron over repeatedly.

OLAYER 1″ Flat Iron Hair Straightener Reviews

All the reviews that we read about the OLAYER 1 inch hair straightener were positive. The users really liked its construct and its function. They reported how this iron heats up fast and how in little time it can straighten hair. One reviewer specifically mentioned that her hair was straightened in less than half the time it takes with other irons.

The temperature setting also pleased the reviewers. They liked the control that the iron gave them. The one inch width suits most people. The heat distribution on the ceramic plates was even, a fact that was not missed by the reviewers. This also contributed towards reducing the time it takes to straighten hair.

The OLAYER 1″ hair straightener hair styling tools was also liked because it was shipped fast. Most of the women had ordered it when there was a heavy discount and had received their iron in less than 5 days. This pleased them a lot.

One of the reviewers mentioned that this hair styling iron was not the thing for her hair. There were no problems with the iron, but she found that it did not straighten her hair the right way. While this iron has a width that suits most hair types, it is possible for exceptions to exist. This does not go in any way against purchasing this iron.

The hair straightening iron is made of high quality material which ensures that it does not get affected. Using it regularly will also not cause it wear. Despite sustaining high temperatures in a short amount of time, this iron is a strong performer. Even if the hair has a high amount of moisture, this iron will not get affected by it. This is unlike other irons out there, particularly those that cost as low as this one.

The fast heating, perfect width, and small price tag, is reasons good enough to get the OLAYER 1″ hair straightener.

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